If I Disappear 

I wish sometimes that I could Just simply 

Disappear into nothingness 

A void within a void. 
Never to be heard 

Never to be seen 

Like burnt smoke in air 

To merge with it all


the smoke is not smoke 

To cease to exist 

Would count perhaps,

As the ultimate bliss 
An ocean of oblivion 

In which I swim to eternity 
I fear no pain 

I feel no joy 
I flow and I flow 


You see 

Even the I – dissolved along with me. 

Natalia Awasty

Sacred Soul Mate Relationship 

The soul is neither masculine nor feminie. Rather, it is the one that results at the scred union of the divine two. The one that is the essence of all creation. Oneness is the natural state of the soul, a reflection of the one infinite creator of all. Balance the divine feminie and divine masculine within yoirself by acceptance, balance and unconditional love for both. This, in turn, will reflect your sacred soul-mate relatioship in your life. For, your relationship with your soul, reflects your relationship with another. Unite within, to unite without and surrender to the power of divine creation. 
Natalia Awasty