The Secrets of My Soul 

All manifest love,in ways unique.

Your love was, 

A language, 

only I could speak. 
Oh my heart, 

Made a perennial work of art

By scars 

Of words engraved dark and deep 

Painted red, by the blood 

of your love 

I still keep 

like a treasure forbidden 

Buried in the trenches of my old soul 

The plague of separation like,

Tales of unspoken horrors

Of stories untold. 

Natalia Awasty 

The Forest in the Night

As the night falls
I wander in the forest 

Darker and deeper 

In the darkness,

An invisible seeker 
The snakes, animals, trees and bees, 
In the darkness of the night 

The silence of death,

All lay in peace and asleep 
I am safe, unseen, hidden

A retreat in oblivion 
I whisper to myself

Dear me

I am a girl lost and afloat 

in between worlds 
A traveller in the unknown 

With nowhere, and everywhere 

I call home 
A hint of warmth in the forest’s cold, 

Trees asleep, keepers of secrets and stories untold 
What lies beyond, this forest, I wonder within

Beyond this pious world, full of sin 

Natalia Awasty