an existence, preordained 

a string- puppet? must i think?

o’ lord, tell me why

like a pebble must i flow 

with this eternal river i go

must i defy the current to sink in the bed,

or flow and flow, for the path is already lead

if so, what must be my humble role

for this world mighty and whole

as i flow and flow through a valley and plains,

though warm sunlight and cold rains,

into oblivion bliss,

into where knowing did cease to exist
-Natalia Awasty



Craving for this love eternal, so deep, all mine. 

For the stars in heavens smiled upon us, as they watched us each lifetime. 

– Natalia Awasty


Through the dimensions and past the dust, 

Through all time and space, 

Ceasing all ego, all bodily lust. 

Reality not as you see, 

or me, 

But the reality we seek,

the reality truly free. 

Where the mind and all matter ceases to exist, 

Where we are divine light, 

we are divine bliss. 

You are endless, 

Endless is me. 

We are eternal love, 

As the endless cosmic sea. 

– Natalia Awasty


Am I a mystery? Solve me, not. 

Perhaps, future- history? 

Or an ever-existent thought. 
Oh was I ever created, 

Never do be destroyed. 

Eternal is my fate, 

My home, the great void. 
I am everywhere, and nowhere,

Yet here to be found. 

Find me forever I dare,

Silence my harmonic sound. 
To meet me,

Meet yourself before, I warn.

For we are reflections you see, 

Come, sing along this divine song. 

Natalia Awasty

Through The Ages 

Empires, once mighty and tall, Burnt to ashes, 

Oh they did fall. 
Those borders un-breakable, 

That land, so proud, 

To seize, all deemed unable. 
Yet, time witnessed them change,

Oh never did they remain the same. 
But with all man’s greed, and power- lust, 

He left this world as bones and dust. 
He took with him, 

What was within, 

With what we end, 

With what begin. 

– Natalia Awasty