Poetry in a Void 

Somewhere in between worlds I reside 
Floating in the void 

Of the infinite mind 
I, an explorer eternal 

I seek time 
In this sea of eternity 

Where wholeness and nothingness 

Merge into the one 
The one being, the all 
In between 

The streams of time 

I take the forgotten fall 

I wonder, do I exist 

Oh time 

An illusion 

Must you persist? 

The void without 

The void within 

With the light of this endless love

Wash me off 

My past, my future sin 

Natalia Awasty

If I Disappear 

I wish sometimes that I could Just simply 

Disappear into nothingness 

A void within a void. 
Never to be heard 

Never to be seen 

Like burnt smoke in air 

To merge with it all


the smoke is not smoke 

To cease to exist 

Would count perhaps,

As the ultimate bliss 
An ocean of oblivion 

In which I swim to eternity 
I fear no pain 

I feel no joy 
I flow and I flow 


You see 

Even the I – dissolved along with me. 

Natalia Awasty

Sacred Soul Mate Relationship 

The soul is neither masculine nor feminie. Rather, it is the one that results at the scred union of the divine two. The one that is the essence of all creation. Oneness is the natural state of the soul, a reflection of the one infinite creator of all. Balance the divine feminie and divine masculine within yoirself by acceptance, balance and unconditional love for both. This, in turn, will reflect your sacred soul-mate relatioship in your life. For, your relationship with your soul, reflects your relationship with another. Unite within, to unite without and surrender to the power of divine creation. 
Natalia Awasty

In Memory of my Beloved 

To the other half of my endless soul, 

“Our untold story of love 

written before our time, 

Give me your word, 

Tell me, it will all be fine
My soul had bled blood of separation 

For every moment of this existence, so long 

My life seeming to be this endless melancholic song
Hidden deep, deep in the trenches of my heart broken

The light was unable to reach the bottom of the red ocean 
With Every day that comes 

With every setting sun

And with every rising sun, above the paradigm 

I wait for you 

I wait for you 

To return to me, my beloved

In longing, I weep and weep

Until I put myself to sleep 
I have loved you 

Within time and without 

You entered my heart 

Never to find a way out 
I have loved you in this life, in another and I will again 

For this wounded soul, only love can mend
I cry to you, pleading 

I cry to you, bleeding

Leave me not 

For this love, every breath I have fought 


In this love of ours so true 

I saw my reflection in you 
Your love reflected my creator divine 

In your love 

It’s my soul I find.”

Natalia Awasty

Once upon a thought … 

For you too were once but a thought

Floating like a feather above the skies
Far, far away from the imagination of this world temporary 

Above the heavens 

Beyond worldly lessons 
And just like a bud, tender and pure
You, loved one
Blossomed into being


You, like a star

When created 

By the cosmic alchemist


Tiny potion of infinite magic 

In the pure bliss of oblivion 

Cradled in the womb of love 
In love you were born 

You were but without form 
In reflection of your mother father Creator 
You were all and 

And in all you felt your being 
The winds, the water, the hills and valleys 

And beyond 

In a far away existence 

An unimaginable way of being 
And in the blackness of the void 

Where all ceases to exist 

Even there 

You felt your divine bliss

Distant constellations of stars 

Your family you regard 
To this universe you do belong 

The endless sky 

Clouds, star dust and nothingness 

Manifest and unmanifest
Your soul, an endless cosmic song 
Remember who you were

Who you are 

And who you will always be 
Look within to solve the impending mystery 

By Natalia Awasty 

By Natalia Awasty