When the me became you, the you become we and the we became I.
The I become the infinite.
And then, the I became all, the all became one.
The one which is all, the all which is one.
Did I understand who I was truly.

– existence and all, Natalia Awastym51___the_whirlpool_galaxy__real_space__by_omniomi-d62k84k


Divine LoveĀ 

In this time and in another 

When all of known time and space 

Ceases to exist 

When you are you and I am I 

Sparks of light in the never ending sky

I have loved you 

And shall love you still 

For it is loving you 

Did my soul’s desire fulfil 

You are the divine 

The eternal, the forever 

You are within me

How can I forget you ever?

– divine love, Natalia Awasty