A moment of love

This true

only with you.

Simply a moment of love

a moment alone

To last

an infinity

A dance with eternity

Complain not, my love

For it lasted a moment alone.

A story written, different

Destiny, a mystery to unfold.

I shall keep you


Inside of me

Imprinted in my soul

There is love in silence,

Not another to know.

For you, my treasure, true

Are beyond the glories of this world

And the other.

Perhaps one day,

In eternity,

We shall find each other.

~ Natalia Awasty


The Dimensions of Creation 

Created in the reflection of he who created all, before time and after time shall cease to exist. When everything is but a thought, when existence as we see, is long forgot. A creation of him, his divine spark deep within. He created us in his reflection, granted our own perception. We therefore created our own reality around, the eternal truth within to be found. The mystery is to remember, discover him not. For disillusioned is the mind here, the spirit long forgot. Remember to discover, that which is already within. This eternal truth, without virtue, without sin. Without black, without white, for all exist within the infinite light. 

Natalia Awasty