Escape with Me

To the edge of the Existence.

At the Tryst of all Time.

The Communion of all with the All.



And sometimes,

To myself,

Dare I admit.

Upon a shooting star

Have I, so often,


To disappear,

Into the delight of nothingness.

To be one with none,

yet, one with all.

To merge with the void,

Into the infinite abyss.

Oh, that enteral bliss.

To exist,

And not exist, the truest bliss.

In oblivion,

Did I find, the whole.

The soul of souls.

~ Natalia Awasty

A moment of love

This true

only with you.

Simply a moment of love

a moment alone

To last

an infinity

A dance with eternity

Complain not, my love

For it lasted a moment alone.

A story written, different

Destiny, a mystery to unfold.

I shall keep you


Inside of me

Imprinted in my soul

There is love in silence,

Not another to know.

For you, my treasure, true

Are beyond the glories of this world

And the other.

Perhaps one day,

In eternity,

We shall find each other.

~ Natalia Awasty

Divine Hate

I have hated you, my love

With the wrath

of the seven levels of hell, Combined.

I have hated you, my love

That I chose to live for you, Captive,

in the inferno of time.

This line, within me

So fine.

Between my darkness

And my light.

Between my surrender,


Between my infernal spite.

This line,


with the agony of time.

A love, poetic

Condemned to hate.

I say,

A wicked play,

of a forbidden fate.

I have hated you, my love

So much so,

That I have died,

With every instant

of being alive.

By Natalia Awasty