Natalia Awasty

Interested in a myriad of subjects including history, literature, poetry, philosophy, spirituality, quantum physics, metaphysics and so forth.  Avid Reader. Medievalist. Coffee and Tea drinker. 

Living in England. Universal Soul.

B.A. Politics and International Studies, The University of Warwick

“A Lady of The Renaissance; The Disciple of the Infinite.
On this eternal quest; to explore the realms of my true self.
This desire infinite to know, this desire infinite to grow. The ultimate truth, the soul seeks to learn; To our home beyond, the soul yearns to return.”

Natalia Awasty
The Medievalist’s Diaries

Love and Gratitude to All,

Towards a Higher Consciousness,

Natalia Awasty


4 thoughts on “Natalia Awasty

  1. I am really impressed and inspired by your writing skill and the way you perceive things as expressed in your blog!
    This blog can expect a frequent visitor, now onward!

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