‘‪All of creation is but a question upon another. For with every question, a world created anew, alight with wonder.
For oblivion, is the heart of all creation.’

Natalia Awasty‬


The Forest in the Night

As the night falls
I wander in the forest 

Darker and deeper 

In the darkness,

An invisible seeker 
The snakes, animals, trees and bees, 
In the darkness of the night 

The silence of death,

All lay in peace and asleep 
I am safe, unseen, hidden

A retreat in oblivion 
I whisper to myself

Dear me

I am a girl lost and afloat 

in between worlds 
A traveller in the unknown 

With nowhere, and everywhere 

I call home 
A hint of warmth in the forest’s cold, 

Trees asleep, keepers of secrets and stories untold 
What lies beyond, this forest, I wonder within

Beyond this pious world, full of sin 

Natalia Awasty


Poetry in a Void 

Somewhere in between worlds I reside 
Floating in the void 

Of the infinite mind 
I, an explorer eternal 

I seek time 
In this sea of eternity 

Where wholeness and nothingness 

Merge into the one 
The one being, the all 
In between 

The streams of time 

I take the forgotten fall 

I wonder, do I exist 

Oh time 

An illusion 

Must you persist? 

The void without 

The void within 

With the light of this endless love

Wash me off 

My past, my future sin 

Natalia Awasty

If I Disappear 

I wish sometimes that I could Just simply 

Disappear into nothingness 

A void within a void. 
Never to be heard 

Never to be seen 

Like burnt smoke in air 

To merge with it all


the smoke is not smoke 

To cease to exist 

Would count perhaps,

As the ultimate bliss 
An ocean of oblivion 

In which I swim to eternity 
I fear no pain 

I feel no joy 
I flow and I flow 


You see 

Even the I – dissolved along with me. 

Natalia Awasty