Love, love and love

You fear that love deepAwaken my love 

Awaken from your illusory sleep
I plead, run away not

Oh, Have you indeed forgot? 
That love you fear  

From knowing 

From showing 

From growing 
That love your fear  

With that every unspoken tear 
That love, the taste of the infinite 

That love, that set your soul alight 
You run away 

For your fear the dark that may follow, 

Silent dreams you swallow
That love is

those beings of light

spoke of, queer

Awaken from the illusion

Transform your fear  
That love is what

He who resides above all

In a moment of love infinite 

Created rays of the first light 
The moment of love eternal and true 

Did he create me and create you
He preaches love and love only 

Love the eternal healer 

Feel not ever lonely 
He loves us without condition 

Here is our soul’s only mission 
Distance yourself not from him 

Run way not from love 

Love a virtue, not sin 
Love creates 

Love preserves 

The reward of faith 

Everyone deserves 
Love free, without bound

Embrace the essence of god 

Love is the essence of being, found
Embrace love 

in all your might 

Romance the glowing stars 

Enchanted is the night 

Natalia Awasty