Thought Provoking Thoughts- Give it a thought

Nothing upsets the Enemy more,
Than your massive success,
Nothing upsets the enemy more,
Than your thick skinned chest.

Your blatant gain,
Kills him with excruciating pain,
Your blatant gain,
Wins you your game.

Humility a prized possession,
Tranquility a master conception.
The apathy of the youth.

Absence of regard and Ruth!
Perhaps their boundless knowledge has failed them,
Or a certain thought never prevailed them…
A hollow vessel is one who makes noise,
Lack of authority or perhaps poise.

The voilent are violent,
Because they aren’t silent.

Never start a war,End it.
Never expose your core, pretend it.

The brave conquer their fear,
But the dauntless find this queer!

The formidable law of the land,
An eye for an eye,
Holds no escape for any man,
handicap or high.

When a man opens his mouth,
A fragment of himself is let out.
Therefore talk hard, but listen harder,
Because you are sharp, but he may be sharper.

The verdict a product of his actions,
Mind you, never the words.
Because actions trigger reactions,
Words are simply alphabetical terms.

To manifest your anger,
In other words, kill yourself with your own dagger.

Heed the advice of example,
An outstanding teacher,
Prevent the preventable tumble,
Experience indeed the best preacher.

You Do what you must or die,
Vain factology, there is no try.

When entraped in the quagmire, don’t struggle.
Lie sans trouble.
Devise your escape..
With your ingenuity and faith.
For the one who struggles the most,
Is ultimately consumed by the demonic host.

I live in the future of the past,
I live in the past of the future.
Therefore my powers remain vast,
Where time plays the tutor.
The present,
Indeed magnificent.
For it is the gift of time,
I’ll use it wisely, the world is mine.


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